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. >> good luck. talk bat good cause. >>> google raise something eyebrows. heard about the mysteryious barge floating in the bay in san francisco. we have video of a four-story barge. executive director of the bay conservation and development commission, which gives put permits, says the vessel belongs to google. beyond that we don't know much of anything. sources say it could be a floating google glass store, or an offshore data center. but google has yet to confirm any of this, and now there is word of similar barges popping up off the coast of new england. >> trace gallagher is in the west coast news hub. what's google doing? >> reporter: well, google filed a patent in 2008. they were granted this patent in 2009, that talked about these floating data centers, and apparently that is what the belief is these things are. now, keep in mind, google has massive amounts of data and one of the biggest costs is actually cooling them down. these would be powered by ocean currents and then cooled by sea water. an estimated 2% of the world's energy is now used to power and cool down these data center
security agency is denying reports the spy agency tapped into google and yahoo data centres around the world. a report in the "the washington post" cited documents leaked by former nsa contractor edward snowden. the latest allegations comes as a delegation from the european parliament is visiting washington to investigate claims of eavesdropping on european leaders and citizens. >> it became clear that the damage, image damage for the united states is so high something has to be done on that. i hope it will be successful because we need messages for our people that without purpose it cannot happen - or on citizens. >> people in kenya are calling for the government to take action against men who gang-raped a 16-year-old girl. in nairobi protesters gathered at freedom park and marched to police headquarters and demanded justice. let's look at the case and why it triggered anger. in june 6th men attacked a girl, known to the media assist liz. in a dune of busia. they then threw her into a pit, a latrine. a day later three men were handed in to the police. they were told to cut the gra
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to conduct google searches on phrases such as "women should" and "women can't." the search engine's autocomplete function generated phrases such as "women should be slaves," "should not work", "cannot drive" and need to be controlled. the ads display the most popular responses over the mouths of women, showing in graphic form how women are silenced by gender bias. the united nations organization's officials believe this is proof it needs to continue making the case. for gender empowerment and equality. so marjorie clifton what about this campaign, do you think it's a good idea? >> i think it's very telling what bing and google and other great search engines allow removing the human hand to sort of see in a very analytical way what humans and what people are actually doing online without having intervention. what we're seeing is the unfortunate truth but also the global truth that we're looking at now. i think what -- again these search engines do open up the world to us. especially in the united states we think this wildly empowered group of women where we rank 73 in the world for
agency secretly collects information that goes between the data centers of yahoo and google. the newspaper sites documents from contractor, ed snowden. those documents indicate the information collected by the nsa includes text, audio, and video. general keith alexander does dispute the post story. he says the nsa is not breaking into any data bases, but he does say google and yahoo are compelled to work with the government. >>> just moments ago, the jury began deliberations in the sean taylor murder trial. the washington redskins star was gunned down in his florida home in a botched burglar back in 2007 and on trial in miami, the alleged trigger man, eric rivera, prosecutors say rivera and four of his friends broke into taylor's house saying the place would be empty. >> tonight the suspects and three armed robberies and two days in montgomery county are at large. as kristin fisher reports, the latest happened early this morning at the cbs on tuckerman lane. >> two masked men, one with a gun entered the cvs around 4:00 wednesday morning. confronted an employee and demanded
. >> google and yahoo have reacted angrily to a reported that the u.s. had secretly hacked its data centers. the details come from n.s.a. documents leaked by edward snowden. now for more detail, we're joined by our correspondent here in the studio. he's worked he is extensively on the story. thank you for coming in. what's provoked the anger of these internet giants. >> what's going on here is that the n.s.a., natural security agency together with its british counter part, the government communications headquarters has tapped into fiber optic cables outside the united states that google and yahoo, two of the world's large evident email providers use to transmit data, so they are able to absorb, suck up, if you will, hundreds of millions of packets of data, emails, all times of communications. this is different from a legal program in the united states that's authorized under u.s. law where the government and n.s.a. can approach companies and compel them with a court order to hand over details about specific individuals in their emails. this is a much more in discriminate approach. >> it jus
they could find and then whenever destroyed they would take them down and disappear from to coerce. -- google immerse a crowd source synchronized bombing a system that the pentagon spent billions of dollars the school kids are on the ground because they have access to connectivity that would have been impossible three of four years ago. as far as i can tell talking to kids on the ground those on the french task force at no time did they ever talk to each other it was self synchronized based on what they could figure out. a second example is a little more analog. in syria last your for a couple of bad agencies we start to see these little or merge vehicles appearing one of them was 6 feet longer than three fell wide with arbor on the outside. it had a machine gun mounted on top to be controlled remotely with a series of video cameras mounted on the outside actually the. pro on the top then inside was a flat screen tv in the whole thing driving the vehicle and the control was run through the flat screen television through the game boy. this is a backyard workshop. it does not make sense to have
to hear about the tech giants and nsa spying. google says it's outraged. this is "around the world" on cnn. i'm suzanne malveaux. >> i'm michael homes. thanks for your company today. welcome to our international viewers. >> waiting for the white house briefing, they'll respond to the latest nsa spying allegations and expect to comment on the problems with the obama care website. live as soon as it happens. keep a close eye on the white house. >>> we're all familiar with when you get on the plane, shut off your cell phone, turn off the gadgets, anything with a power button, turn it off. it's been that way for years but things are about to change. at least in the u.s. >> yes. federal airline officials made this big announcement today. just a couple of hours ago. looks like the airline's going to have to change the preflight videos. >> clear. insert mobile phones and electronic devices are turned off. if you're -- >> i love that little video there. delta, chris lawrence, reagan national airport. i'm one of the people in the back of the plane on my phone trying to get the last bit in here, if
. mean meanwhile, they were allowed to tap google and yahoo legally but tufrpbs tufrpbs -- it turns out the n.s.a. did it behind their backs. a brand-new bombshell on the growing n.s.a. scandal. >> just six months after the boston bombing, the red sox show boston is indeed strong. >> at fenway park, it hasn't happened for 95 years. the red sox world champion. >> that was joe buck and that was the red sox. their third championship this century is off to a good start. a surprising start. live reaction this horning. i believe the car was once on its wheels. "fox & friends" starts now. >> this is curt schilling. you're watching "fox & friends." >> one of the neighbor kids is fiddling with the light switch. >> happy halloween everybody. >> that's right. today we're going to dress up. by the end of the day we're going to be dressed up as something or somebody. we'll all be part of a theme. who do you think it is? give a guess. you can e-mail us at friends@foxnews.com or go to twitter or facebook us. you can also send us pictures, if you like to dress up or your kids. >> it's been hallow-week,
and the possible connection to google. >>> first, we have a squawk sports news story for you. red sox beat the cardinals 3-1 last night in st. louis. boston now has a 3-2 lead in the world series. it can wrap up its third title in ten seasons as early as tomorrow night. >>> right now as we head to a break, the weather channel's alex wallace joins us with the national forecast. alex. good morning to you. we're tracking this system in the middle of the country right now bringing some rain .some snow to the northern tier of the country. you can see that moving through the dakotas into minnesota. activity with steadier rain back down towards kansas city making the morning commute tougher. it's all thanks to this system moving its way eastbound with moisture flowing northward here. that's going to aim in the development of showers and storms. heavier rain out there, as well. look at the bull's eye, 3 to 5 inches to the north. sliding up north towards kansas city. and there's also the potential for severe weather, as well, today. from the panhandle of texas, working into oklahoma, we can see dam
facebook and google plus pages. >> house members couldn't wait to bombard her with the rocky royal out. they waested no time to say they were story for her role in the president's healthcare plan. >> in the past weeks access to healthcare.gov has been a frustrating ex-ferns for americans. i'm as frustrated as anyone with the flawed launch of healthcare got gov. let me say to these americans, you deer is of better. >> i apologize i'm accountable. joining me now to look at who are the winners and losers in the obamacare roll out. this highlights one of the issues. young men and single men may not want maternity coverage. >> but in the way it's structured they end up having to pay for it. was supposed to pay for insurance for every and that is how the insurance markets work. are the winners the majority or minority. >> so many people were locked out in the first place because they were unsurable. one of the groups that will come out big winners are women. one of the things that the congresswoman was saying that she wants to end what the law does which is gender rating base women are actua
. >>> number five -- the giant barge floating in the san francisco bay could be a huge google showroom. the barge has been a mystery since it docked, but our affiliate kpix is quoting multiple sources as saying it's a big marketing center for google to show off products like google glass. google has not commented. >>> all right. right now, the city of boston is celebrating a victory that transcends sports. more than 1 million people lined the streets today to not only revel in the red sox's world series win, but they're also celebrating the city's strength in the wake of the marathon bombings last april. alexandra field has more on the victories on and off the field. [ chants ] [ cheers ] >> reporter: national champions. the boston red sox and national treasures, the marathon bombing survivors, after more than six months they're celebrating victories together. >> it felt like, you know, we were a city that had such a tragedy happen, and we were able to kind of be resilient and heal over the course of the baseball season coincidentally. >> reporter: back in april, the sox were coming
to learn. does anyone believe that successful start-ups like amazon or google would risk launching their programs before they were properly tested? there may be a lesson there if those involved could spend less time refining the talking points and more time actually trying to make things work. the way this thing is going it is a good thing we have a word like worser. back in a minute. s hard. know the feeling? copd includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that helps open my obstructed airways for a full 24 hours. spiriva helps me breathe easier. spiriva handihaler tiotropium bromide inhalation powder does not replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms. tell your doctor if you have kidney problems, glaucoma, trouble urinating, or an enlarged prostate. these may worsen with spiriva. discuss all medicines you take, even eye drops. stop taking spiriva and seek immediate medical help if your breathing suddenly worsens, your throat or tongue swells, you get hives, vision changes or eye pain, or problems passing urine. oth
to hit sulican navolato, all areas hit in september by hurricaning manuel. >>> google's president, told a group in hong kong, given similar speeches in north korea and myanmar, to create better web access and not yet much has changed there. >> the best government says i want to solve the problem of i need more entrepreneurs, more innovation. we argue at google that you have to have a free and open internet, something that hong kong has and mainland china does not and we feel very strongly about that. >> we feel very strongly that it's time for farrah. >>> thank you david. appearance in the tournament with a win against thomas burdich. v isevrica the only.debutante in this. finished off his czech opponent in the deciding set, six-7, 6-3, 6-3. >>> former west germany striker reported himself to the authorities by having an u undeclared swiss bank account this year. he was with the squad as they arrived from the czech republic for their upcoming champions league match on tuesday. >> first it has to be said that it was to be expected. whether i like it or not. i am surprised that our volunt
and where google and apple are going next. >>> hey there, everyone. welcome to "weekends with alex witt." here's what's happening now. nearly a year after his defeat in the presidential election, mitt romney is back blasting obama care despite comparisons between that law and romney care in massachusetts. >> why do you reject the comparison, the compliment from president obama this week when he says obama care based on romney care and that's the right way to go? >> well, i think the president failed to learn the lessons that came from the experience in massachusetts. first of all, the massachusetts experience was a state-run plan. the right way to deal with health care reform is not to have a one size fits all plan that's imposed on all the states. >> the current democratic governor of massachusetts, deval patrick, also appeared on "meet the press." here's what he said. >> we've got a rollout problem. it's been, what, three or four weeks? it took us two years to get our website right in massachusetts. now we have virtually universal coverage. i and many others have been saying the presi
you can get the answers just by googling it, guess again. the barge appeared off a formal naval base and locals speculate that google might be behind it. it might be the company's flew floating center for google glass. google has yet to comment. >> in business news, it is a very important week for economic data and the headlines begin today. >> the federal reserve begins a two day meeting this morning. last month, most investors expected an easing of the monetary program, leading to higher interest rates, but the fed surprised almost everybody, it kept pumping money into the economy buying $85 billion a month in bonds. now, after the government shutdown and disappointing data came out, most don't think the fed will begin to tap on the brake this week. the consensus is going that the fed will keep the interest rates down into next year. >> today, we'll get a look at how wholesale inflation is doing with the producer price index. keeping inflation under control is one of the fed's key missions. we'll see cop assumer confidence. the price index we are waiting for, we will learn if the h
.s. national security agency is denying reports that the spy agency tapped into google and yahoo data centres. a report in the "the washington post" cited documents leaked from edward snowden. the latest comes as a delegation from the yurp een -- european parliament visits washingtoning to -- washington to investigate claims on spying. >> the damage for the united states is so high, something has to be done on that. i hope it will be successful. we need messages for the people that without any purpose it can't happen on citizens. >> earlier this year a 16-year-old girl was gank raped as she walked home. in a few minutes we go to kenya's capital where women's rights campaigners demand her attackers be punished. >> and in india - scenes like this scare off foreign investors. but it's time to increase the minimum wage. [ ♪ music ] >>> hello again. the top stories on al jazeera: soldiers in the democratic republic of congo have retaken the last town held by rebels. people in bunagana celebrated with troops after they flushed out the m23 fighters following an 18-month rebellion. >> a trial of t
is monitoring e-mails and other information on google and yahoo. the "washington post" says the agency tapped into cables around the world. that is according to secret documents from nsa leaker edward snowden. the nsa is rejecting allegations that it spied on the vatican. officials say the story from an italian magazine are not true. >>> the boston red sox are world champions once again. they beat the st. louis cardinals last night 6-1. it is boston's world series win. mark strassmann is inside fenway park. >> good morning, charlie. what a night here in fenway park as inning by inning pitch by pitch the crowd in here stood up and got louder waiting for the magical moment. >> the red sox are world champions! >> bedlam boston the final pitch with koji uehara thousands of fans poured into the streets to celebrate the historic championship. it is the first time in 95 years the red sox have won the world series in fenway park. david ortiz was the series mvp. >> this is for you, boston. >> reporter: outside fenway park groups of fans ran through the streets jumping on top of
that nasa tapped into yahoo! and google. >> robin thicke is learning about the blurred lines of copyright infringement. he's being sued by two of marvin gaye's children. >> all that -- >> two fires in encino california. >> we're talking about health care today, but -- that is the wrong rally. >> -- and all that matters -- >> one of the things that keeps coming up because you're from kansas. >> toe toe we're not in kansas city anymore. >> down the yellow brick road. >> the republicans have no heart. the democrats have no courage and the people who run the obama care website have no brains. >> reporter: this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs >>> welcome to "cbs this morning." good morning norah. happy halloween. >> good morning to you, charlie. >> it's moving beyond healthcare.gov. some states that set up their own health insurance websites have had problems of their own. >> and sources tell cbs news those websites are costing more than billion dollars. jan crawford is in washington. jan, good mor
, texas. >> knocking down an italian court. >> there are reports that nasa tapped into yahoo! and google. >> robin thicke is learning about the blurred lines of copyright infringement. he's being sued by two of marvin gaye's children. >> all that -- >> two fires in encino, california. >> we're talking about health care today, but -- that is the wrong rally. >> -- and all that matters -- >> one of the things that keeps coming up because you're from kansas. >> toe toe, we're not in kansas city anymore. >> down the yellow brick road. >> the republicans have no heart. the democrats have no courage and the people who run the obama care website have no brains. >> reporter: this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs >>> welcome to "cbs this morning." good morning, norah. happy halloween. >> good morning to you, charlie. >> it's moving beyond healthcare.gov. some states that set up their own health insurance websites have had problems of their own. >> and sources tell cbs news those websites are costing more than billion dollars. jan crawford is
. any google search of this guy will tell you it's wildly inappropriate. >> thank you for the headlines on this. thanks for joining us today from philly. >> thank you. >> coming up, brand-new details about that horrific accident an an amusement park. police now saying this was no accident at all. were people hurt on purpose? >>> clint eastwood has never been shy talking politics. what about his son? will he follow in his father's footsteps? coming up. ♪ before they sat down, one more time, just for themselves. before the last grandchild. before the first grandchild. smile. before katie, debbie, kevin and brad... there was a connection that started it all and made the future the wonderful thing it turned out to be... at bank of america, we know we're not the center of your life, but we'll do our best to help you connect to what is. at od, whatever business you're in, that's the business we're in with premium service like one of the best on-time delivery records and a low claims ratio, we do whatever it takes to make your business our business. od. helping the world keep promises. medic
is a marketing center for google glass. either way that's kind of creepy, willie. >> totally creepy. >> don't fully under the story. >> they have a barge in the water and making google stuff in there. >> a difference between the east coast and west coast. you see a floating barge out there you figure it's a tech center. you see something off of long island you figure it's just garbage, right? >> often it is. >> often it is. and trying to figure out a place to dump it. so, speaking of -- >> creepy. >> creepy. >> wow. >> i would say creepy. >> how is your son, he's so cute. >> my son is fantastic. >> like him. >> we don't put him on that want tea cup either. but we don't let him eat kale chips. >> are you the president or ceo of something or other? >> i don't know what. >> north virginia roady club, the elks club. >> i can feel the power sitting one person away from him. >> virginia's governor's race appears to be in the hands of the democrat, terry acall live. "the washington post" poll showing him up on ken cuccinelli the republican attorney general there 51-39, libertarian candidate polli
," the nsa secretly broke into the main communications links that connect yahoo! and google data centers around the world. and the italian media is reporting that the nsa spied as well on the vatican, spying on both pope benedict and pope francis. the nsa has now just issued an outright denial of the italian media reports. and unless you think the united states is alone in spying efforts, the russians are trying to keep up with us. russian operatives reportedly handing out goody bag to world leaders who were attending september's g-20 summit meeting. it turns out the russians were giving the delegates souvenir usb drives, phone chargers and teddy bears they had bugged. they bugged a teddy bear. who would have imagined? the russians deny the italian media report. joining us for more on benghazi and other foreign policy challenges facing the nation, general jack keen, retired four-star army general, former army vice chief of staff, fox news military analyst. general, great to have you with us. >> good to be here. >> this is, as i say, sordid politics, but it masks a real issue. and that is
.com/considerthis, or on our facebook or google plus pages. we will see you next time. >>> a victory in texas for abortion rights supporters. a federal judge shutdown a key part of a restrictive abortion law that was set to go in to effect in the state on tuesday. embroiled in an embarrassing spying scanneddal president obama may order the nsa to stop eavesdropping on the leaders of american allies. this has congress considers legislation that would strip the agency of some of its powers i've settlement deal for jerry sandusky's victims, penn state agrees to pay out nearly $60 million to the 26 mena beused by the former assistant football coach. and one year later, remembering hurricane sandy. the super storm was one of the most damaging and one of the most expensive stormso
, aljazeera.com/considerthis, or on our facebook or google plus pages. we will see you next time. >> welcome to al jazeera america. i'm del walters. these are the stories we're following for you. curbing the nsa, putting the brakes on that mass itch data collection system. >>> counting down to the winter olympics. sochi trying to get ready. >>> the head of the agency in charge of putting together president obama's healt
knowledge about google's mystery barge and any approval from the development authority. >> listen, we have been on this story. do you have any comment about that? do you know what's going on over there? >> no. they kept the secret from me as well. i was trying to see what the people were saying. they have done a lot of high level secrecy that even the mayor doesn't know what is going on. i'll have to wait to see what happens. >> the barge is hidden in plain view. it is four stories built out of shipping containers 70 feet wide and 200 feet long, yet no one is telling the mayor anything. >> i have been kept out of the loop myself. >> don't you want to know? >> i am curious, yeah. they are not forthcoming yet. i'll have to just be patient. >> also being patient is the san francisco bacon service and development commission which was established to minimize bay fill. >> the way we do that in part is
reform.. the government is calling in backup for healthcare dot gov. google, oracle and red hat are some of the companies that have reportedly sent engineers to fix the troubled healthcare site its been a rocky start for the exchanges due to technical problems. officials assure americans the sites can and will be fixed. a spokeswoman for the centers for medicare and medicaid confirms "dozens" of contractors have been brought to help fix the site. puerto rico is in a debt crisis - and it's attracting investors. municipal bond prices have fallen nearly 40 percent. so-called "vulture investors" are swooping in and buying the bonds at rockbottom prices, betting on a turn around. distressed greek bonds turned out to a huge win for risk takers.. the federal aviation administration plans to relax rules regarding electronic devices. passengers can leave e-readers and smartphones powered on, but on airplane mode during takeoffs and landings. .previously -- the f-a-a was concerned leaving electronics on would cause interference. it says it will implement the changes soon. passengers are paying m
they have. they say they don't even know the numbers from the website. you can go on google analytics. it doesn't cost hundreds of millions of dollars. you can find out almost anything you want about any website except for this government website. i keep saying this. they have sold us a bill of goods. they have flat lied to the american people. and the people that are getting cheaper insurance, it's because of subsidies. somebody is paying for that. it's not free pizza, guys. somebody is paying for this. >> the other insured people are paying for it. and that's how it works. but isn't that better than the alternative, which would be nobody pays for it but the very high taxpayers? because that's how most health care is covered in america. the people that pay for everybody else, and nobody sees a premium increase. that's how medicare and medicaid is paid for. isn't it fairer where at least half of the country might see higher premiums to pay for the other half? >> what's fair about that? everyone is priced out of them. they are only basically available to a handful of people. there's no
or not they are using google translator at the cia as opposed to training people in speaking and understanding of arabic. >> it's too big a net. literally knowing what goes on in the countries and understanding language and cultures. >> that's what we should do and that we are not. >> let me ask you about president obama. he walked into office, insisting he'd repair relationships with allies. rick, do you think these making a bigger mess. >> i think he's got an incompetent state department and secretary of state as we saw during the syrian crisis. whatever your point of view was on whether we should or should not hit syria and being wrong-footed by a reporter and set up by putin, who parades as the peacemaker and defender of civil liberties - something doesn't work here. that, to me speaks to incompetence on the part of the barack obama administration. i don't think they have thought these things through. i don't think he thinks through what he says before he said it. >> with the president. >> the arabs - his famous speech in cairo, where he spoke for an opening up. don't forget, he stopped in riad befo
with your fingers or play laser tag with your friends. unlike google glass, which has a smaller screen, controlled mostly by your voice, meta glasses could one day have an infinite screen controlled by your hands. >> it really represents a huge shift from 2-d computing. >> the company says the first version will be available in december for about $700. within two years, they say the glasses will be as sleek as a pair of ray-bans. >>> live during this show, the president addresses the obama care debacle as his deputy apologizes. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. >> we're not in kansas anymore. >> kathleen sebelius says the health care website has never crashed. even though it was down as she testified. >>> as the pope is named one of the world's most powerful, a little boy didn't seem too intimidated. >>> plus, the world is running out of wine. we'll tell you why. >>> and -- >> we want devon to have the best christmas he's ever had. >> a town comes together for a teen who has just weeks to live. >>> hour two. i'm brooke baldwin. we hope you saw it right here on cnn today. health secr
the will be used for. probably floating showrooms for google glass or top secret data centers cooled by sea water. come on. what? >> they need that cooling -- it works. >> this is the coolest thing ever. have you ever flown with the blue angels. >> i have seen them. >> fly over before the navy notre dame football game today in south bend. it's the first public appearance for the angels since their funding was cut by the sequester back in april. >> we have been shut down for quite some time. community outreach across the country. >> thank goodness. squadron back in the air in 2014 performing in 65 shows across the country. it is something to see. >> those guy amazing. >> they are. get it over to rick reichmuth for a look at the fall first alert forecast which we are finally experiencing. >> i need some expertise from you, clayton. most people use iphones as alarm clocks. >> >> yeah. >> there is always this thing on the night the daylight savings changes is your iphone going to work in the morning? >> it should about five software updates ago they fixed that issue where people were not waking up on
but the conversation continues on our website, aljazeera.com/considerthis, or on our facebook or google plus pages. we will see you next time.
.s.a. to search photos, emails, and documents from computers at apple, google, and microsoft, among many other internet sources. n.s.a. and the snoop and spy caucus say this spying on americans and our allies is necessary to catch the terrorists. they even claim terrorist attacks had been prevented. well, if this is true, show the evidence. evidence. prove it. where are the terrorists that have been thwarted by these surveillance tendenscies. even if it is true, which i doubt, it still violates the law. my opinion, it violates the patriot act. the patriot act doesn't allow for this nonsense. it violates the constitutional right of privacy, mr. speaker. it violates the fourth amendment. and the right of persons to be secure in their homes, papers, and effects without government intrusion. government cannot use the old soviet-style dragnet approach hoping to catch a big fish while also catching the emdangered species of freedom. those who argue otherwise say they must seize the whole haystack to finded needle in the haystack. mr. speaker, that is exactly what is prevented in the fourth amendment
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saturday. the obama administration said it was bringing in experts from google and oracle to fix it. the website has been filled with glitches sips launching. it is expected to be online this morning at about 9am eastern. . >>> a brief solar eclipse blocked the sun rise across the east coast. our metrologist is here with more. >> that's pretty what a behind you. >> beautiful. this picture is from charlotte north carolina, but we have video from nigeria, gorgeous as the sun rose. we are looking at a partial eclipse where the moon covers a quarter of the sun. beautiful. this picture that you see behind me from charlotte north shows you what folks got experience. a few clouds in the backstop. hope you got your rest with an extra hour of sleep. it will be lovely across the country. cloud cover is on the way. all that ahead of a front. winds will be picking up ahead of the front, cooling it down a little bit. as we make back towards the east coast we had showers across portions of the great lakes and snow flurries in the north. temperatures 46 degrees in new york city. 35 in albany. it's
with this one, john? jon: i was not. >> i googled it as well. it was a parody and spoofed on mitt romney and barack obama rapping toward each other, two actors poking fun at presidential candidates. jenna: too bad that didn't happen in real life. >> no. i wonder if our president can rap? i haven't seen that. jenna: we'll leave that question to be answered. jon: clearly lady gaga didn't want to shell out for the meat dress budget for this one. this was more down scale award. >> didn't spend money on makeup. wanted to go all natural. she pretended she never took singing lessons. jon is very savvy. jon: that's right, yeah. thanks, julie. >> see ya. jenna: there is new questions following friday's deadly shooting at lax. do security measures need to change at our nation's airports? we're going to speak with a former deputy direct to the tsa, what if anything really should be done in light of what we saw on friday. >>> also as loyal muslim brotherhood supporters push for his freedom, delay in the trial of egypt's ousted president mohammed morsi. the latest from the middle east coming up. [sho
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. data and analysis help. it is mostly about diversity. two as i see it -- technology and privacy. google knows a lot more about you and me than the federal government does. do we care about that if their only point is to make sure they know before we do what i want to buy? the other question is more complicated. technology plus threat. in the old days, we could have search warrants. we knew what their phone numbers were. that was the threat. now the threat is much more diffuse. we do not know who we are looking for. we need to do some trolling. how do we do that without violating people's privacy and other rights. that is a big issue. it also has an international dimension. we are doing that trolling abroad as well as at home. we need to work out arrangements with our own public and with our allies and friends and with people who are not always our friends. thank you all. podcast on rand.org. >> you all did a great job answering questions. >> we will have the live briefing with jay carney once it is underway. president obama will be meeting with iraq he prime minister alba lucky. they ar
google and other tech firms to help patch up the ailing website, this as we learn that only six people signed up on the first day and 248 people by day two. let's bring in the chairman and ceo of e-health, handled more than 20 million visitors last year. good to see you. thanks for stopping by, gary. give us a sense of how this is more than a website? we have this graphic from xerox which lays out the exchanges. where do you think they got the rocky start here in all of that? >> we're really not an exchange. you're talking about e-commerce. and e-commerce is complex. it's not easy to do. you think about ebay and amazon, it's taken years and years to get those sites, those e-commerce offerings to the point that they're at. it's been the same thing with e-health. we've been at this for 15 years. tremendously complex. i haven't seen your diagram but i'm sure it looks like the plumbing in a nuclear power plant or something. >> it does. >> this is difficult stuff to do. and the government's tried to do it in a couple of short years. there's a lot of good people in the centers for medicaid a
pad, but only 40% of our kids in the college survey this year have a tablet. whether it was amazon or google's or apples. there's tremendous room for growth. but the ipad, next year we'll overlap. we're going to overlap that step down in gross margins. and so kind of resets the bar. so unless they're introducing a lot of new products that lower gross margin than i think what we saw last week is not doing that. they actually raised the price of the ipad. they're bundling more software into that. but giving away all the updates for free for the mac and give you iwork and ilife for free. they raised the price of the hardware. we're seeing a bottoming of earnings this quarter, earnings start to rise gradually. we're off to the races with earnings growth. and at 12 times earnings, no one's really pricing in dramatic earnings increases. no one's really thinking they're going to innovate again. >> dan, question on this whole software bundling thing. do you actually think the consumer says to themselves, wow, i'm -- the price of this machine went up but i get all this free stuff so it's actually wor
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